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D-Bird is a Social Program created by Johan Ehrén and operated by Cayjo. Johan saw early the need for young people, in college age, to make some extra money during their studies. At the same time doing something they love; create stunning designed wordpress websites. 

The program has been incredibly well received by the municipality’s business unit and also clearly by cayjo’s customers, whom are able to get that young, updated view on how to promote themeselves through the web. In combination with the business mindset from Cayjo its a match hard to beat.

Needless to say, the program is also truly appreciated both by the Birds and their Guardians, as it generates that extra income needed to manage the last years in college a bit easier.

Surely its up to every Bird/Guardian to handle and share this extra income individually. 


where we stand out







We are not like anyone else, in any sense.

For us Design is the core ingredient in the creative process. Together with all functionallity available through WordPress platform and the numerous plugins we are able to produce the most amazing web solutions for a reasonable investment. The customer journey is clearly mapped and developed by Cayjo professionals 


Join the bird nest

Do you want to make some extra cash during College? And at the same time do something you love.
Are you well familiar with WordPress and the standard plugins like Elementor and Woocommerce?

Register and become a Bird today! 

I have a background from fintech / paytech industries and was always surprised that companies invested in new web based solutions without looking at the design aspects. In my world, function and design are extremely compatible.

Johan Ehrén

Founder cayjo


We do not only make traditional webpages but also premium e-commerce solutions, designed presentations in Powerpoint, newsletters, mobile solutions, campaigns and landing pages to mention some.

Everything with the common approach; let premium design and good functionality work together to lift the overall impression and increase the user experience.


The benefits for all the stakeholders are significant. This solution is unique and gives everyone the opportunity to do what they do best. In a creative and dynamic environment


Benefits on input from the next web generation, which is truly priceless today


Makes money when doing something they love, and gets a peak on the business life


Abillity to work with talented young professionals in a dynamic environment


Most frequent questions and answers

The setup is easy, in short:

1, Cayjo sell the service to varoius clients, mainly Swedish companies

2, Based on the customer need and scope, Cayjo reach out to give one or two Birds the assignment to create the solution. 

3, Cayjo and the Bird jointly creates the structure, timeline and first set of wireframes

4, Presentation to the customer is made by Cayjo 

5, Creation and implementation 

6, Final presentation to the customer

7, Payment is made to Cayjo and the Bird or Guardian invoice Cayjo

Cayjo has the ownership with the end customer and is therefore the invoicing part.  The whole process is 100% transparent and the Bird or Guardian can at all times follow the budget & creative process through their contact at Cayjo

As soon as Cayjo has got final payment from the customer, a notification is sent to the Bird and the Guardian to release their invoice towards Cayjo.

Depends naturally on the magnitude of the projects, but 1-3 projects ongoing is recommended and doable

Absolutely! A couple of meetings with Cayjo is necessery to set the structure, design and content, then the Bird is free to work wherever, as long as the planning is followed

For any inquiries submit below

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